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Noreen complain on phone 02 6176 1268
Thursday, April 12 2018 02:40 AM
A very rude heavy accented Indian man who said he was from technical department at Telstra- rang back 6 times even after saying I was not interested. Had to take phone off hook to stop calls!
k marks complain on phone 07 3046 6782
Wednesday, April 11 2018 02:32 AM
Keep receiving phone calls but each time I pick up there's nobody there.
Val complain on phone 02 8020 3519
Wednesday, April 11 2018 01:30 AM
Daily calls from this number. When I accidentally bumped call back on my phone, number it was ringing changed to 02-9055-3210
Rachael complain on phone 03 9558 7863
Tuesday, April 10 2018 07:13 PM
This number rang me with a guy claiming he was from telstra i hung up knowing it was a scam - they kept ringing and i told them to stop ringing and then he asked for sex
Someperson complain on phone 02 8024 9404
Thursday, April 05 2018 04:15 AM
Keep getting phone calls from 0280249409 refuse to tell me what company they are from they ring our house number 3 or 4 times a day its know getting ridiculous we have a private number and areon the DNC listing they called me at 6:15pm
Micheal winn complain on phone 02 9089 1829
Thursday, April 05 2018 03:59 AM
Had a call from this number trying to sell
Me bitcoin I said I'm not interested tyres to put the hard sell then told me to f__k you c__t, this short of out burst should not be going on in Australia plus you tell by his accent that he was not Australian or ringing from here.
Penny Bowen complain on phone 04 1998 7729
Thursday, April 05 2018 02:52 AM
Unsolicited call regarding solar panels, I think the call is a scam.
Ben complain on phone 04 8107 0184
Wednesday, April 04 2018 10:38 PM
NAB scam texts coming from this number
Rebecca complain on phone 1800 870 072
Wednesday, April 04 2018 05:30 AM
Said my phone was locked (safari) and to call thisnumber. As soon as I called the phone magically unlocked but they wanted me to down load an app from the App Store. Hung up and ignored all “no caller ID” calls they bombarded me with.
It’s a scam!
heather complain on phone 02 8003 3700
Saturday, March 31 2018 10:38 PM
robo voie pretending to be from police on behalf of tax office to arrest me have no idea what about. me me feel unsafe as voice threatened me.
an annoyed resident complain on phone 02 9842 4543
Thursday, March 29 2018 05:29 PM
received a string of calls from these idiots around 1pm in business hours, heckling someone else's name, then when stating a wrong number, 'oh, well maybe i can speak to you...' CLICK! they called back four times; though they're now added to my 'WANKERS TO IGNORE' list, along with a list of other spam callers.
Adam complain on phone 1800 870 072
Thursday, March 29 2018 07:27 AM
Our iPad has frozen with a message to contact support on +61 1800 870 072.
When I call they want me to connect it to a pc and let them do something. Sounds fishy.
Adam complain on phone 04 7859 5093
Thursday, March 29 2018 07:26 AM
Our iPad has frozen with a message to contact support on +61 1800 870 072.
When I call they want me to connect it to a pc and let them do something. Sounds fishy.
Gary complain on phone 02 8036 3162
Thursday, March 29 2018 02:01 AM
Getting these types of calls consistently, all from (02) Sydney area code.Only call briefly, then hang up. I put the numbers into a block program on my phone, but the calls keep coming with another number altogether.
Do something about these pesky phone numbers.
Bob complain on phone 02 9098 4871
Wednesday, March 28 2018 07:48 PM
Global Shop direct never ceased to stop calling me to make a sale even though I just purchased and asked them to STOP Calling me. If I want to to buy something, I will ring them! But that didn't work so I'm ringing headquarters today's to lodge a formal complaint. This behaviour doesn't reflect well on the company.
James complain on phone 02 9805 2739
Tuesday, March 27 2018 11:44 PM
The guy called at 2:30 pm on 28 March 2018.
Be careful the person will say they are from Canon Australia. don't give any personal information out to this call
James complain on phone 02 9805 2739
Tuesday, March 27 2018 11:42 PM
a guy called my mobile from 02 98052739 claim that he is from Canon Australia.
He is very rude and trying to get personal information.
MacTonight complain on phone 08 8217 0051
Tuesday, March 27 2018 08:48 PM
Incessant multiple daily phone calls from several 08 8217 numbers. One number is a well known phishing operation, mentioned on the news last night.
Kevin Luxford complain on phone 04 7544 5521
Tuesday, March 27 2018 03:08 PM
has called before several times ang hangs up. called this morning at 5:34
Kevin Curby complain on phone 02 8003 3254
Tuesday, March 27 2018 01:25 AM
Same as Suwe. Police have issued a warrant for your arrest. Contact 02 8003 3254. Do not ignore!

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