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Jay complain on phone 411 395709
Friday, July 13 2018 01:41 AM
This is the Dodo NBN migration team. They want to switch you from ADSL to NBN.
Louise McNeill complain on phone 1300 966 784
Thursday, July 12 2018 08:25 PM
Automated robot female caller purporting to be from Australian Receivables Ltd saying that I urgently need to call them back. I looked up ARLtd who allegedly are a debt collection agency whom take on othe co.s debt. Google states its also a scam. As I know I have no debts this is correct.
Geetha Jayasuriya complain on phone 1900 922 250
Wednesday, July 11 2018 09:34 AM
I have been charged around $30 for calls to this number at 2:30 in the morning!!Never called this number. What is this number??
Anthony Herbert complain on phone 04 1246 8218
Wednesday, July 11 2018 01:22 AM
call center scam (do not call)
Anna complain on phone 02 8595 9845
Tuesday, July 10 2018 07:27 PM
Chinese pre-recorded Message when the call was answered
Fabio complain on phone 1300 139 590
Tuesday, July 10 2018 02:18 AM
Saying I owe money to a doctor but haven’t been in years deforest a scam. Threatening to call debt collectors.
Jim complain on phone 267 606116
Tuesday, July 10 2018 12:24 AM
Said I had won a Toyota Kluger - thankfully I could not use this service on my mobile. Checked on my computer to confirm it is a scam.
Julie McGuire complain on phone 421 075530
Tuesday, July 10 2018 12:00 AM
This is a recorded voice purporting to be from the Australian Taxation Office or ATO, and says something about the ATO taking legal action against you. It is a SCAM!!!
Kailee complain on phone 02 9098 8397
Monday, July 09 2018 11:29 PM
This phone number keeps calling my business, I told the man on the phone I was not interested in being on the first page of Google, and hung up. he has not stopped called my business phone not saying anything on the end of the phone and not hanging up.

This is harassment. i have this phone number and will be contacting Telstra regarding this behaviour. I am on a no call list for telemarketers for this reason, they are irrational and unprofessional.
Sara complain on phone 07 3016 8697
Sunday, July 08 2018 07:42 PM
No one speaks then it is someone speaking in Chinese or something over and over again.
Krystyna Croft complain on phone 04 1701 5237
Thursday, July 05 2018 07:48 PM
The caller speaks Chinese, I don’t. I don’t know what she says
I don’t want to receive these calls
Louise complain on phone 04 8107 0184
Thursday, July 05 2018 03:50 AM
Scam texts stating that NAB loan is overdue
SliceT complain on phone 07 5677 0917
Thursday, July 05 2018 03:20 AM
Always receive nuisance phone calls from this number. They never answer or leave a message. This number needs to be blocked from making phone calls!!!
Musta'ain complain on phone 1800 880 832
Thursday, July 05 2018 02:29 AM
Declare they are from MACC, Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission. Please check this scam.
Susan Darge complain on phone 1300 339 062
Wednesday, July 04 2018 06:59 PM
For a few months now this number has appeared on our phone bill and we have not made the calls. I need to try to resolve.
Yvonne Day complain on phone 1800 952 172
Tuesday, July 03 2018 03:04 AM
windows alert trying to find my credit card number, also cant remember my old password i have tried several things but to no avail
MD ZAMRI A RAHMAN complain on phone 1800 885 188
Monday, July 02 2018 01:20 AM
Received call from this number. Suspected phone scan to extort money by pretending to be authority / enforcer in Malaysia
Smithy complain on phone 07 5528 7718
Sunday, July 01 2018 10:02 PM
Fake insurance - usually saying someone is claiming against you and they can help.
florence hor complain on phone 62649 30649
Friday, June 29 2018 04:47 AM
Received call from this number saying i owe bank money and wan me to ba k in money to them.
Sharon Pegrum complain on phone 08 9212 5671
Friday, June 29 2018 12:38 AM
Annoying telemarketers selling solar power, very rude, don't answer just block

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