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Matthew Mascarenhas complain on phone 1300 282 055
Thursday, September 20 2018 12:30 AM
Asian sounding quote, Private number called, left voice mail message to contact the 1300 number provided and asked to reference 607083949
Kate complain on phone 02 8330 2227
Wednesday, September 19 2018 09:13 PM
We keep getting calls from this number but they always hang up after a couple of rings, so I never have time to answer it.
Chiack complain on phone 1300 360 986
Wednesday, September 19 2018 02:30 AM
My account is in the positive so i knew it was fake. Beware of the scammers.

Hi, you've still got $495.89 overdue for Electricity account 500005867915. To stay connected, pay online at or call 1300360986. No reply.
Micaela Ehrensperger complain on phone 03 9013 5625
Tuesday, September 18 2018 08:37 PM
This number claims to be the ATO.
Kelly Rice complain on phone 04 0090 4969
Tuesday, September 18 2018 04:04 AM
Recieved a cid:audio message from this number last Thursday that my phone can't open. The message size was 11KB and is still downloading. It says it expires: 4:39PM 15 September but it is now the 18th September. I am going to delete it now.
Svetlana complain on phone 03 9015 7636
Tuesday, September 18 2018 02:00 AM
Claiming they from ATO
Webby complain on phone 03 9028 4065
Monday, September 17 2018 11:24 PM
Apparently there is a law suit case under my name and if I don't call them back I am going to prison. Bring it on!
Jodie complain on phone 02 9137 1024
Monday, September 17 2018 12:35 AM
This number has been calling me rings Hangs up soon as you say hello call it back and it is an engaged signal the number doesn’t exist. What’s the purpose to hear my voice I suppose I don’t know. I don’t like it. Needs to be looked into.
Audrey complain on phone 02 9137 1031
Friday, September 14 2018 06:30 AM
Sydney number, but doubtful it was from there.
They hung up when I answered. No voice, no background noise, could be a call centre auto dialer to check if number is active.
Tristan complain on phone 07 3193 3275
Thursday, September 13 2018 10:54 PM
Spam, asking about an accident I had recently
Scott simpson complain on phone 02 8311 0722
Thursday, September 13 2018 10:43 PM
Got a automated phone call , afrom scam about ato and federal police.

Scam number
Michelle netto complain on phone 1902 225 225
Tuesday, September 11 2018 10:41 PM
They send a txt saying that I won some thing but then made Calle to this number only to find out it's scam and when I receive my phone bill they charge a bloody $120 and that is annoying
Van complain on phone 02 6100 8433
Monday, September 10 2018 11:05 PM
Left computer message about ‘tax devoidation’.... dodgy.
Trevor CUMNER complain on phone 08 7969 7308
Monday, September 10 2018 09:28 PM
Unable to get through to this number , may be a customer/work ,was called yesterday and now unable to return the call as it keeps disconnecting
Sarah complain on phone 02 6100 8433
Monday, September 10 2018 08:35 PM
Recorded message claiming to be from ATO and threatening I would be arrested. I back and spoke to a heavily accented gentleman who said he was from the Tax Crime Investigation Unit, and that I would be arrested by Victoria Police for tax fraud in 45 minutes. When I said I didn’t believe him he hung up on me. Just sitting here now waiting to be arrested
zoran kalemusic complain on phone 423 808109
Monday, September 10 2018 12:14 AM
unknown number leaving threterning messages
Catherine complain on phone 1800 465 467
Saturday, September 08 2018 09:15 AM
A pop up come up on my Apple Mac saying there was malware and to call this number and they claimed to be Apple support and took control of my laptop and then said they needed to put a malware protection on it for $200 usd and I realised it was a scam.
Jewlzzz complain on phone 07 4036 5458
Friday, September 07 2018 12:40 AM
Legit, no complaint.
Sun complain on phone 02 8310 8804
Thursday, September 06 2018 11:24 PM
‭02 8310 8804‬ Called me and said I have to pay $120
It’s scams
Ben complain on phone 02 6100 8433
Thursday, September 06 2018 09:08 PM
Left a computerised message claiming I have to contact them immediately otherwise ATO will action against me!

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