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Complaints for phone number 1902 228 173

There are 13 reported complaints for phone number: 1902 228 173. Add your complaint

Thursday, April 26 2018 05:51 AM
Got billed $9.87 for a call to 1902228173 that I did not make! After over an hour of arguing with telstras asian imbercile division I got on to someone who realised it would cost them more if I went to the ombudsman and so blocked the number and reimbursed me the call cost. I urge you all....RING THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS OMBUDSMAN AND COMPLAIN ON 1800062058. Every time you ring them it costs your provider about $20.00 so if they wont fix this scam, make the bastards pay!
Jac Herman
Monday, March 05 2018 11:19 PM
Same thing has happened to me..$97.96 for 2 calls i never made. Telstra claim i accepted 2 reverse charge calls. i didnt.
Are you guys all with Telstra? I think they've been hacked!
roger netour
Wednesday, February 21 2018 11:02 PM
although I do not recall dialing that number, I got charged $55.671
Vickie Richardson
Tuesday, January 09 2018 01:21 AM
Got charged $36 on 20th Nov 2017 from this number. Never received or made a call to this number. Rang Optus and they advised that there is nothing we can do to be reimbursed for this scam. I'm now worried that it may happen again. Shouldn't phone companies have an insurance against this to sort it out and reimburse you? Not sure what we can do from here?
Dean Lawrance
Monday, December 11 2017 06:19 AM
Have been charged $97.69 by Telstra for a call that I did not make ... That lasted for 25.03 minutes !!! Same amount and time as Peter Langley and Yvonne Bain ... Call this a coinsidence ?????
Furio Micheli
Thursday, October 12 2017 11:19 PM
Charged $115.25 on my Vodafone bill for a call to this number, even though I did not make it. Made a complaint and Vodafone reimbursed me $25. They realize it is a scam and will block all 1900 numbers from your phone if you request.
Leslie Pal
Wednesday, July 12 2017 07:14 AM
I have never made these calls supposed to have been made at 10:14am on 2017 Apr 8
and charged $106.36
Kuenzang yangden
Saturday, April 15 2017 12:07 AM
Just found out that the online quiz has incurred a excess bill charges of $217.75 in my vodafone number 0420243262 usage. I nver made any calls and I should not be charge by vodafone for the same.
Please help me here


Michael T
Sunday, April 09 2017 03:15 AM
Charged 2 calls $98.02 as well as 2surcharges @ $8.84
16th March @ 7:13 pm. I didn't call for 25 minutes to a scam . Be aware.
Peter Langley
Tuesday, March 21 2017 05:20 PM
Have been charged $97.69 for a 25 minute call on our Telstra account for dialling 19022228173. It appears that it is a Con/Hoax Woolworths competition.
Surely Telstra can do something to protect
their consumers to stop this, but maybe not because it is them that gets the $97.69 for the scam.
Yvonne Bain
Monday, March 20 2017 03:04 AM
Charged $97.691 for a con/hoax "Woolworths" competition. Got out of it after 3 minutes as I realised that it was a con. Have been charged $97.69 for 25 minutes. Have contacted Telstra who gave a a supposed 1300 number of the company but no reply as yet.
Monday, February 06 2017 01:50 AM
I was charged $300

Watch out for Bunnings Add dont apply
Regards Dave
cooper cowley
Saturday, December 10 2016 08:28 PM
i was charged 100 dollars!!! i didn't even call these people or scammers

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