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Andrew McManus complain on phone 03 7063 0288
Monday, June 01 2020 11:02 PM
Recorded message about a legal issue. Asking to press 1 to find out more.
Number called is not connected.
Tristian complain on phone 1800 653 259
Monday, June 01 2020 03:00 AM
The number directs you to an email and goes straight to voicemail not giving you an option to speak to a person.
Ross complain on phone 04 3899 3395
Friday, May 29 2020 09:33 PM
Scam Callers. He called with various number trying to scam people..he is a window tinter in Brisbane
Jack complain on phone 04 3899 3395
Friday, May 29 2020 07:28 PM
The guy calls and pretends to be gau
No Thankyou complain on phone 02 7862 4705
Thursday, May 28 2020 01:55 AM
Repeated calls from an automated voice in Mandarin.
Sam Sgroi complain on phone 04 2269 9792
Tuesday, May 26 2020 09:10 AM
Do not trust this man, his needs to be under investigation from Victoria Police for fraud and personal belonging theft along with other serious crimes he has committed. Selling stolen items; shoes handbags clothing jewellery and accessories on gumtree eBay and Facebook for cash money. Dirty thief trying to sell stolen goods to me over the phone then asking me to meet him at the State library to do the exchange.
MrBear complain on phone 03 9923 7533
Thursday, May 21 2020 10:26 PM
Alannah and Madeleine foundation, charity
SSS complain on phone 02 9059 6707
Thursday, May 14 2020 12:26 AM
Scammers from Public Outreach trying to sell you lottery tickets from RSL which does not exist for lots of money ! AVOID !!!!!
Anna P. complain on phone 02 8605 0141
Wednesday, May 13 2020 11:56 PM
Constant calls from this number with no response from caller
jack complain on phone 02 9003 0008
Wednesday, May 13 2020 09:11 PM
guy says he is from staff domain - never heard of the company and they do not host our domain name
Ryan Kirgan complain on phone 07 3040 7480
Tuesday, May 12 2020 03:04 AM
Telephone number used for fraudulent activity.
Liam complain on phone 07 3010 4492
Monday, May 11 2020 02:03 AM
This is a safe number - The Services Union Australia
Abielle complain on phone 1800 572 148
Monday, April 27 2020 11:09 PM
Text message said it was ANZ but I googled the 1800 number and nothing came up at all which made me suspicious
Tiff complain on phone 1300 788 240
Monday, April 27 2020 09:35 PM
This time I got a text saying my LPG account is $86 in arrears...I don't have LPG.
Anonymous complain on phone 02 8023 3883
Friday, April 17 2020 12:20 AM
Took about 5 seconds before I could hear them, should've hung up then. It was clearly a contact centre from overseas (Asian-American accent) saying I recently signed up to some advert online for passive income opportunities which I know I hadn't. Potential scam.
Jay complain on phone 02 8727 2632
Tuesday, April 07 2020 05:08 AM
Called to see if I wanted to make money from home using bit coin. I asked how they got my number and they said I commented on a post with my number asking for more information on making money from home. I have never done anything like this. Very sketchy
Cheryl complain on phone 04 8889 2165
Monday, March 16 2020 08:38 AM
I believe this person is using someone profile
Anonymous complain on phone 02 8840 2158
Sunday, March 15 2020 08:58 PM
Claimed to be ILM Financial who are a UK based company - calling from an Australian landline phone number. Said they had looked at my profile and asked if I had a pension in the UK.
kevin complain on phone 02 9003 0008
Tuesday, March 10 2020 10:43 PM
trying to sell their offshore products in the phillipines
Bob Jackson complain on phone 02 8715 9796
Saturday, February 29 2020 04:25 AM
Left a recorded message in an Asian language - spam

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